Andy Jones Men’s Salon is bridging the gap between traditional barbering and men’s styling. Offering latest cutting edge hairstyles, fades, skin-fades and precision beard sculpting to create the style you desire.

Hair & Beard

  • HAIRCUT & BEARD TRIM ¬£20.00
  • KIDS CUT ¬£10.00
  • BUZZCUT ¬£10.00
  • MR. HANDSOME ¬£25.00


  • Nose Wax ¬£5.00
  • Ear Wax ¬£6.00
  • Brows Wax. ¬£7.50
  • Fix Up Look Sharp Facial ¬£30.00
  • Freshen Up Facial ¬£15.00
  • Defuzzer Facial ¬£30.00
  • Black Pore Cleansing Mask ¬£15.00
  • Cryotherapy Skin Tag/Mole Removal ¬£50.00
  • MANi ¬£10.00

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Haircuts & Beards
12 Services
Buzzcut 30 min 1 number all over £5
Buzzcut & Hot Towel Cleansing Facial OFFER 1 number all over and hot towel cleansing facial £10
Gentleman’s Haircut Thirty minute appointment for just a haircut. £17 Starts From
Gentleman’s Haircut & Light Beard Trim Forty Five minute appointment for a haircut & light beard trim. £20 Starts From
Gentleman’s Haircut & Long Beard Trim Forty Five minute appointment for a haircut & long beard trim. £20 Starts From
Beard Only A quick fifteen minute appointment to tidy up your beard.
Buzzcut buzzcut only haircut fifteen minute appointment.
Buzzcut & Light Beard Trim Thirty minute appointment for buzzcut & light beard trim.
Junior Cut Junior cut is a thirty minute appointment.
Long Hair Cut & Style
The Gentleman's Experience For the gentleman wanting that extra bit of care and attention to their hair and beard using only the best products from shampoos to beard products. Including a complimentary drink from our menu of your choice.
Mr. Handsome Facial Treatment, Haircut & Shape Up
12 Services
Nose Wax
Defuzzer Facial Brows, Nose, & Ear Wax, Deep cleanse and scrub.
Fix Up Look Sharp Facial The Fix up is an all-rounder, including a brow tidy, nose wax, deep cleanse, scrub and a mask, it checks all the boxes for the perfect pre-weekend treatment.
Black Pore Cleansing Mask The Black Cleansing mask will help drag out the impurities deep in your skin, this is the perfect treatment to combat blackheads and blocked pores.
Cryotherapy Skin Tag/Mole Removal £50 Starts From
MANi This is a great treatment for working hands. A good clean up and tidy of your fingernails, cuticles and treats the dry skin on your hands.
MANi with Nail Art Tattoos
Sunless Tan Say no to the sunbeds people! After a quick consultation, the right tanning solution will be selected for you, we use Nouvatan, which isn't a 1 shade fits all brand, so do not worry about being orange!
Freshen Up Facial This cheeky little number is the perfect add on to your fresh trim. It will provide a deep cleanse to your skin and give you a healthy glow using a microdermabrasion scrub.
Hot Towel Facial Cleanse Hot Towel, Facial Scrub Cleanser, Toner, moisturizer and face mask.
Brows Wax
Ear Wax


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